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The thing about airlines and loyalty
Frequent flyer programs do a fine job of maintaining passenger loyalty, however, the broad manner in which they reward behavior is very limited, particularly with new a-la-carte pricing models. Rewarding passengers solely for purchasing airfare also makes analyzing loyalty-driven behavior difficult. Did the passenger buy a ticket because he wanted the miles/status, or did he make the purchase out of necessity?


Both the a-la-carte and hybrid pricing models have been successful in redefining profit margins for airlines. In the process, a whole new suite of products has been created, each carrying their own distinctly different buying patterns compared to tickets.


Airline Solution
The LoyClick airline solution was designed to reward any a-la-carte product in a manner best suited for that product.  A-la-carte products, including airfare, could be perceived in terms of need verses desire - with airfare on one end being a clear need, and in-flight cocktails, for example, on the other end being pure desire. In between are several products that could be justified either way such as priority boarding, checked luggage and class upgrades.


Like all LoyClick solutions, the process begins with rewarding the click through and bringing the customer to the website point of sale. Then each product is presented to the customer using a unique multi-reward process strengthened by confidence gained by achieving small loyalty rewards or accruals along the way. LoyClick allows marketers to execute more effective loyalty campaigns by identifying loyalty driven behavior and using that to generate genuine incremental sales.

The Retailer Challenge
Most retail loyalty programs lack the ability to control all aspects of the customer conversion process, resulting in rewards that are difficult to quantify. Two types of issues can arise from this, customers who make purchases in spite of rewards, and those that become more loyal to the program itself, shifting loyalty away from the brand.


Retailers have long struggled to justify the need and cost of loyalty programs beyond the peer pressure of having one in the first place.


Retail Solution
The LoyClick solution gives marketers the power to reward an array of non transactional and transactional behavior covering all aspects of the sales funnel.


As with all of our solutions this begins with rewarding the initial click through to the website point of sale. The LoyClick retail then increases the size of transactions, generates incremental sales by rewarding impulsive behavior, and keeps the customer loyal to your brand rather than your loyalty program.





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